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About Us – Ecolorshop

About Us


Ecolorshop Of Fashion in Pimpri Chinchwad Pune is a top player in the category of Ladies Readymade Garment Wholesalers in the Pune. Getting some attractive Women’s clothes is not as easy as it sounds. There are many things that play a very significant part while getting dresses for Occasion and for Casual wear. Ecolorshop is a fashion store and it offers a wide range of women’s Traditional collection of  Readymade wears, Casual wears, Occasional wear dresses, etc.  

Ecolourshop is a large majority of Indian clothing for women that has evolved from garments like Kurtas and Kurtis, leggings /Palazzo, Cotton Dupatta, Nightgown, Ready-made dress, sari, Sarees are indeed the most popular Indian ethnic wear for women. Traditional Maharashtrian clothing depends largely on the religious group that people follow. Indian clothing history is very prosperous and the future of Indian fashion also looks pretty bright with all the fashion designers around.

eColorshop is online store for women’s Readymade Garment and Casual Wears Wholesalers.


Shivanjali Building Office no.1Gurudwara walekarwadi road, Near Akurdi station, Chinchwad, 411033 Pune MH, India shop@ecolorshop.com

Call Us: +91-8087419680



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